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Williams Sausage: From the Beginning!
Harold L. Williams started his sausage company with the simple belief that country flavor would sell sausage.

In 1958, he began to experiment with sausage recipes and after a lot of hard work and taste testing, developed the Williams Country Flavor Formula.

He dressed out his hogs, had his wife, Hazel, start sewing up sausage bags, and made a batch of what he thought was going to be the best sausage in the world.

Photo: Harold Williams
One of the earliest sausage bags.

Harold readied the truck by lining the bed with masonite, ice, salt, and 500 pounds of Williams Country Sausage. He would travel a 20 mile route. That day, he only sold 36 pounds of sausage, and gave away 464 pounds as "samples."

But, "tastin'-is-believin'," Folks got a taste of tha "Country Flavor," and next week's truck-load was sold before Harold left the farm, with orders coming in faster than he could fill them

Ten years later, Williams Country Sausage built a modern plant on the farm and began producing sausage for Western Tennessee.
Photo: Company Employees
Photo: Sausage Trucks
In 1972 Williams Sausage Company applied for, and received, a grant of federal inspection from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Over the years, Williams has grown by expanding its distribution and adding new products such as link sausage, sausage patties, and microwaveable breakfast sandwiches.

Photo: Sausage & Eggs
The Williams Family still uses the country flavor formula developed over 40 years ago. They blend only the finest whole hog cuts, flavored with a family recipe of the finest herbs and spices, WITHOUT ADDING SUGAR, like most other sausages.

We still believe country flavor sells sausage. Try Williams Country Sausage and discover what country flavor's all about.