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Image: Whole Hog Label
Williams processes a complete line of Whole Hog Country Sausage which is made using all the premium cuts and blended with our special recipe of herbs and spices for the finest pork sausage found today. We use only hot-boned, prerigor pork for the texture and taste your customers demand. Whole Hog is the assurance that all the hams,shoulders, loins, tenderloins and bacon sides from each hog are used in the sausage. Another feature of our Whole Hog sausage is that we always slice our patties which gives them the tender texture and crumbly mouth-feel that is far more superiior than a formed patty which can be tough and rubbery. It is available in two great seasoning profiles. S-1 is our original mild seasoning and S-2 with extra sage and pepper. Williams sets the standard for Premium Pork Sausage by which all others are measured.

Williams Sausage Company was founded by Harold and Hazel Williams in rural West Tennessee near Union City; and, though the original plant has long since been replaced by a modern state of the art facility, the company is still located on the family farm and operated by the Williams Family.

Photo: Meat for Sausage Harold Williams began his career in the meat industry after graduating from High School; and, in 1959, he and his wife decided to start their own company specializing in Whole Hog Country Sausage. In the early years the only items produced were one and two pound sausage packaged in cloth bags. This product was then distributed by peddle truck to retail and foodservice outlets in the West Tennessee area. In 1972, Williams Sausage Company applied for, and received, a grant of federal inspection from the United States Department of Agriculture. Over the
years, Williams has grown by expanding its distribution and adding new products such as link sausage, sausage patties, and microwaveable breakfast sandwiches.